This company is inspired by my grandfather, Joe Bennie Montoya.

In November 2019, I had a conversation with my mother about my grandfather’s history of service in the United States Army. Although not much was shared by him while he was alive, today and every day, there is a great sense of honor I feel for his bravery and sacrifice he gave to this great country for our freedom. During our conversation, I was given a folder of the little service documents my mother collected over the years because at the time of his passing in 1983 my grandfather was not acknowledged by the government that he ever served in the military. So I took and set foot on a mission to show him we never gave up. For once and for all, commemorate a veteran so that he may rest, peacefully.

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Recent Testimonials

Christopher Carrasco

From his culture day in Spain to meeting people from all walks of life, Sgt. Carrasco tells us about his experiences in the Army. We are thankful for your service.


Raymond Jimenez

To this day, SSG. Raymond Jimenez is still serving his community as a Firefighter. We thank you for your service.


Jonathan Retana

Lance CPL Retana tells us of his love for God, country, and the Marine Corps. We are grateful for your passionate attitude for your service to our nation.


James R. Helms Jr.

Inspired by the draft to join, Major Helms Jr. shares his stories of independence, leadership, and hard work. A true patriot to the core. Thank you for your service.


Joven Bilog

From his trials in bootcamp to challenging training stories, Corporal Bilog stayed determined and persevered through it all. We thank you for your pride and commitment to our great nation.


Lawrence “Larry” Soto (RIP)

Joining the Army during WWII, Larry Soto displayed his bravery and heroism defeating the enemy at the Battle of the Bulge in addition to being a genius mind in boxing. We are amazed and honored to pay homage for his sacrifice.


David Seltzer (RIP)

Serving during WWII, David’s son Steve shares with us his father’s incredible life stories consisting of battle, and having the unique opportunity of being Robert Kennedy’s California campaign manager. A true American hero, we thank David Seltzer for his service.



William Lambdin

Being deployed to Afghanistan, Specialist David Lambdin shares with us his experiences while serving in the Army. We want to thank him for his service and sacrifice.


Steven Lu

Motivated by the horrific attacks of 9/11, Private First Class Lu made the honorable decision to defend his nation. We commend him for his bravery and service.


Marvin Dwayne Bucholz

With a proud history of family serving in the military, Marvin Dwayne Bucholz kept the tradition alive by joining the Navy. It is an honor to hear about his stories and experiences. Thank you for your service.


Sandy “Chief Sanchez”

For over 25 years Sandy shares his love and dedication of Naval service; furthermore, he has an upmost repect for his country uncomparable to anyone we know.


James Dunnigan

From his training stories in Oki, Corporal James Dunnigan is a true patriot. We thank you for your service.