Joven Bilog

From his trials in bootcamp to challenging training stories, Corporal Bilog stayed determined and persevered through it all. We thank you for your pride and commitment to our great nation.

1. Full Name?
Joven Bilog

2. What branch of the armed forces did you serve

3. What was your rank? 

4. What motivated you to join?
My brother was in the Army and I didn’t want to want to be by myself.

5. Tell me about your boot-camp experience?
I was originally going to go the Air Force. I Went to Philippines for vacation, my brother was in the Army. Met with the recruiter in the Philippines (Air Force). Took the ASVAB missed 16 points first time around. Came back to the US after taking the test. Went to the Pasadena recruiting station went to the Marines and said my score is good. Signed up with open contract. They always messed with the shortest, tallest, chubbiest and fittest. Double ration in chow hall because I was skinny. Had to show the drill instructor I finished the double rations. I played drill instructor so that everybody could make fun of me. I even marched the whole platoon one time because I was so skinny they made fun of me. He even made me do diamond pushups and made me sweat so much I had to fill up the diamond. So much cussing, I had to ask my partners what “fucking a” meant. 3 weeks before graduation we were doing inspection of arms. I could never reach the top of the rope and before graduation I finally did it.  Week before graduation senior drill segment says “Bilog 0311” , which is a basic rifleman, why are you open contract you are too short so he took me to the Sergeant and I told him I did not join the Marines to be a cook. So I did the s3 s2 s1 swim qualification. After this I reported to infantry training school in Camp Pendleton. Everybody was humping and I was running just to keep up. I was basically jogging because I have short legs. Graduated from school and reported to Fleet Marine Force and then I was in Echo Co 2nd Batallion 1st Marines 3rd Platoon, I was still a private.

6. How did you get through it?
Mind over matter.

7. Where did you serve the majority of the time in the service?
In March of 1986 I reported to Echo Co 2/1. In June – Dec 1986 I went to Wespac and then we became 13th Marine Amphibious Unit. Then, in June – Dec 1988 we went to 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit then we became the Raid Company. During the 88 Wespac on December 7th I re-enlisted at the USS Arizona Memorial the day they attacked Pearl Harbor. I spent a lot of my time overseas  Philippines, Alaska, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong. Before Wespac 88 we became the Raid Company our Company Executive Officer  told me you cant go on liberty until you are S2 so I trained with a CPL who taught he how to tread water and swim doing the breast, back and scissor. Passed the test for S2 and then I was able to go on liberty. After Wespac 88 I was stationed in Philippines with Charlie Co Marine Detachment San Miguel and Capastarlac garlanding US Naval communications stations. In March 91’ reported to Bravo Co. 1st Batallion 6th Marines 2nd Marine Division.

8. Tell me about some special people you met while serving?
Staff Sergeant Guerrero – Who taught me a lot. He was GUNG HO and the guy you want to be with during war. I met him while stationed in Camp Lejuene when I was with Bravo Co 1st Batallion 6th Marines 2nd Marine Division.

9. Who was the most influential to you while serving?
A lot of Marines because they were always helping me out. When in Bridge Port CA. we called it Mount Training, when we humped to training course my platoon  were always looking out for me. We call it “9696” part of Mount Training.

10. Tell me a funny story you experienced that could only happen in the military.
Liberty overseas

11. What did you get out of the military?
Physical fitness

12. Best and worse food you ate?
Best food – American food because I was from the Philippines. Steak and lobster on the ship. I learned to like waffles in chow hall.
Worse food – Sloppy joes

13. What did you go on to do as a career post- service?
Started off in mortgage and now I’m in LA County Department of Public Health.

14. Would you do it again?
Hell yea. I should of stayed. I tried to re-enlist as a cook too.

15. What do you enjoy doing on your spare time?
Watch movies
Involved with Arcadia Lodge .278 and became a Master

16. What does the American flag mean to you?
When you see an American flag overseas, its a good feeling.