David Seltzer (RIP)

Serving during WWII, David’s son Steve shares with us his father’s incredible life stories consisting of battle, and having the unique opportunity of being Robert Kennedy’s California campaign manager. A true American hero, we thank David Seltzer for his service.


1. Full Name?
David Seltzer
David was an incredible man who honorably served during WWII in the 152nd Platoon US Marine Corps based out of San Diego, California. While speaking with David’s son Steve, it was noted that David was in a Pacific campaign of WWII in the middle of heavy fighting at the Battle of Tinian on the island of Tinian and the Battle of Saipan, both in the Mariana Islands during 1944. At the age of 14, David drove his mother out to California from Michigan to join his father who was working and his two older brothers. David was the youngest brother but had older brothers to look up to. His middle brother was an actor and the original voice of the Lone Ranger on the radio. David’s oldest brother never went to college but remarkably spoke eight languages fluently and entirely self-taught. David developed his own set of talents which eventually led to becoming Robert Kennedy’s California Campaign Manager. Interestingly, David was at the Ambassador Hotel when Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan in 1968. The Patriot Mason will always honor this American hero and the ultimate sacrifice he made for our freedom. Giving one’s life for your country is the highest act of patriotism possible.
“Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours.” – Wallace Bruce
Thank you for your service, David.
Gone but never forgotten.