The Kindred Institute of Inclusion and Equity Donation to OTCF

Oath to Country Foundation – Los Angeles, California


Mission: Oath to Country Foundation (OTCF) seeks to foster a community of connectivity and collaboration with partnerships and volunteers in Southern California to educate and advocate for veterans’ and first responders’ mental health needs, and to provide resources to better serve those that have become homeless or low-income. OTCF’s support ranges from food to basic care supplies to clothing to mental health resources.

Nominator: Justin Gracieux, Clinical Liaison, Kindred Hospital Brea SAU (also founder of OTCF)

Amount: $2,500

Reaction: “We are grateful for the Kindred Institute’s support of OTCF and appreciate the company’s commitment to help organizations across the country doing the kind of work that gives hope and opportunity where it’s not always readily available,” said Justin Gracieux, Founder of Oath to Country Foundation. “This funding will extend our outreach on behalf of veterans and first responders in need.”


Justin Gracieux, founder of Oath to Country Foundation and Clinical Liaison at Kindred Hospital Brea SAU, shows his Kindred Institute check at his not-for-profit’s fundraising run over Memorial Day weekend.