Volunteers and a non-profit organization assisted a retired Army veteran to renovate his Baldwin Park Home

Volunteers and a non-profit organization assisted a retired Army veteran to renovate his Baldwin Park Home

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A retired Army Veterans Home in Baldwin Park was renovated with the aid of volunteers and a Nonprofit Organization.Oath to Country Foundation is a non-profit organization. Building a better future by collaborating with partnerships and the community to forge strong bonds and lifetime support in providing mental health resources to military, veterans, and first responders, raising awareness and preventing suicide, and alleviating the hardships of those heroes who become homeless.



On Saturday, November 12, 2022, the non-profit organization assisted a Baldwin Park Resident who served 26 years in the United States Army.

Oath To Country Foundation launched “Operation Hero Home Restoration” in 2021 with the goal of beautifying homes in Southern California belonging to elderly veterans, first responders, and seniors who require assistance at no cost to the homeowner.

In this initiative, the Oath to Country Foundation collaborated with the City of Baldwin Park to give back to its community by restoring homes with compassionate hands.

They were able to plant drought-resistant plants and clear a huge amount of grass for stone to be set cleanly within the residence with the help of volunteers and the Nonprofit Organization.

The Oath To Country Foundation collected a total of 3.77 tons of rubbish thrown at a nearby landfill. During the 31st Annual Veterans Day Ceremony, the retired United States Army veteran was also honored with a plaque.

In a written statement, the Oath To Country Foundation told Baldwin Park News: On behalf of Oath To Country Foundation, we would like to express a sincere thank you to everyone who came out to help clean and repair a United States Retired Army veterans home in the City of Baldwin Park.” 

Adding to their statement: “It was truly an incredible sight to see Baldwin Park city officials including the mayor and council members, veterans, first responders, supporters, and  Baldwin Park businesses come together to give back to a home town hero. As part of our ongoing partnership with the City of Baldwin Park, Operation Hero Home Restoration is dedicated to serving veterans, first responders, and seniors in need of help in and around their home to ensure a safe and healthy living environment.”

“Together we successfully converted this veterans front and back yard with drought resistant landscaping, installed new smoke alarms courtesy of American Red Cross, fixed a plumbing issue courtesy of Baldwin Park Home Depot, and cleaned inside the home. At the end of the day, we mounted two new flags on the garage, 1 U.S. flag and 1 Army flag to signify mission completion and gratitude on behalf of a grateful nation for his service.  As our Foundation look’s ahead, we are excited collaborate with the City once again to bring the community together to serve more Baldwin Park residents in need of help.”

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