Homeless Veterans and Their Pets


OTCF’s objective for the Homeless Vets and Pets Campaign is to provide our homeless veterans with personalized resources such as (water, sleeping bags, tents, dog/human food, and clothing) all over Southern California. Right now, Los Angeles County is home to many veterans but 2,918 (Homeless Count, 2020) veterans are without a home so we’re taking action. We are focused on alleviating the daily stresses of collecting resources by having boots-on-the-ground and face-to-face interaction with our veterans to make their lives a little easier with compassionate giving. We are collaborating exclusively with the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System to help the homeless veterans on-campus and off-campus. Please consider donating to help make a difference for our heroes.



Operation Curbside is inspired by a homeless Airforce veteran in Arcadia, California. 

On December 20th, 2020, my friend Aaron called me and said, “Hey, there’s a homeless veteran who needs help, can you come?

I arrived at an old Chevy truck with a small dog inside the vehicle but no veteran in sight so I proceeded to the local store to pick up 20 lbs. of dog food, clean water, food, and snacks. Aaron and I drove around Arcadia for over an hour looking for the veteran so with one last go-around the veteran was back at his truck. I poured all of the supplies from my SUV into the bed of his truck and I took the time to hear his story. His best friend is a small back dog named Rambeau who he cares for so much that he oftentimes sacrifices his own meals to feed his dog first. This was my Genesis moment. I said to myself, “I need more space to buy more supplies in my SUV to help homeless veterans all over Southern California,” so during Covid-19 I purchased a 1968 M101A1 from a guy I found on OfferUp to store large quantity bags of dog food and clean water to help as many homeless veterans and their pets as possible. The name of the trailer is proudly named after Rambeau.